Why do old people wear hearing aids?

The professional practice of hearing aids shows that the advantages of wearing a hearing aid on both sides are more obvious than wearing one side. Experts recognize the necessity and importance of wearing hearing aids on both sides. The following principles of wear are recommended. The choice of hearing aids on both sides is preferred. This is especially important for the elderly. Because the elderly are deafness of the ear nerve aging, also known as senile deafness, the auditory resolution is relatively poor, the re-vibration phenomenon is serious, and more need for a hearing aid that is clear and can effectively limit the excessive sound output, while wearing on both sidesElderly hearing aidCan help the elderly to listen more effectively.


First: the same sound is better to listen to with both ears, so it can reduce the output of the hearing aid, which is equivalent to invisible.6Decibel’s “true hearing.”

Second: Wearing a hearing aid with both ears allows the user to hear a weaker sound.

Third: Only when both ears are listening at the same time, it is possible to have a sense of auditory direction, in order to have auditory orientation and positioning ability.

Fourth: Because it conforms to human hearing habits, wearing a hearing aid with both ears will make the user feel more natural and comfortable.

Fifth: Because the “stereo effect” can be produced, the hearing aid can be improved by the user wearing the hearing aid. For example, in a noisy environment, binaural hearing can suppress and attenuate the noise intensity and improve the user’s understanding of the language sound. In a reverberant sound environment, the effect of wearing a hearing aid with both ears is more prominent.

Why do older people need to wear two hearing aids?

Sixth: Both ears are “used” straight, which can effectively avoid the decline of the disused hearing function caused by the weak signal stimulation.

Seventh: The binaural complementation can effectively reduce the distortion, make the signal sound more real and clear, and it is more likely to create a sense of spatial balance.

Eighth: Listening to both ears at the same time makes the sound sound consistent and rich, thus improving the quality of the sound heard.

Because of this, many elderly people with senile deafness who use double-sided hearing aids will not want a hearing aid with a single side.

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