Why are older people not willing to wear hearing aids?

Nowadays, the elderly are hearing more and more, and the family members are recommended to have hearing aids. However, the elderly cannot receive hearing aids from the bottom of their hearts. Many old people think that they can hear them, do not need to wear hearing aids, and they are emotionally contradictory with hearing aids and hearing aids. In order to let the elderly have more understanding of hearing aids, family and friends need to do more psychological work for patients, so that patients can change their views on hearing aids, and let the elderly know that there are many benefits of hearing aids, which can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Old people wearing hearing aids need family cooperation

When the old man wears a hearing aid, he will hear some environmental noise that he could not hear before. Even the old man will feel confused. He will say that the noise in the hearing aid is too loud and too noisy. At this time, the family should tell the old man to hear the sound. It is a good thing to prove that hearing is improved, not accustomed to being temporary, and slowly adapting to encourage the elderly to pass the adaptation period. After the elderly just brought the hearing aid, the family needs special attention. The old man should let the old man take the quiet environment in the previous month. After a month, he can go to the noisy environment and gradually train, so that the old man can slowly resume the auditory function.

Older with hearing aids have many benefits

First of all, after mixing the hearing aids, I often communicated with my family. Without the hearing aid, the family said that the elderly could not hear it for several times. In the long run, the reaction of the elderly is getting slower and slower, and it will affect the harmony of the family. Now wear a hearing aid. The elderly responded quickly and their moods suddenly became clear. It is recommended that the elderly be taken outside to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

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