Which kind of hearing aid is good?

There are two kinds of hearing aids in the appearance of the ear machine and the ear type. If it is purely from the appearance, it is definitely acceptable for the ear machine, but some people’s hearing and ear conditions are not suitable for wearing the ear machine. For example, the patient’s periosteal perforation, pus flow, in this case can not wear the ear machine, so the appearance of the hearing aid should be determined according to the hearing situation.


The choice of the appearance of the hearing aid should be based on hearing conditions, price requirements, ear canal conditions, and age. Some people have very serious otitis media, ear canal, ultra-small hearing aids may not be suitable, some people have good low frequency, high frequency steep drop, general ear canal machine can not meet his hearing needs. Some patients are older and have inflexible hands. Too small hearing aids are cumbersome to use and inconvenient. Some users are more difficult in the economy. Generally, the same brand, the same type of hearing aid, the smaller the shape, the more expensive the price. So we can’t generalize which appearance is good, or choose the right hearing aid according to your own situation and the advice of the hearing center fitter.

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