Split hearing aidWhat is a split hearing aid?

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RIC

Hearing care professionals who encounter hearing aids for hearing-impaired people face the greatest challenge of meeting the wearer’s high expectations, and are constantly seeking modern technology to improve speech clarity and listening comfort in noisy environments. New frequency conversion split hearing aids in recent years (Receiver in the canal RICThe perfect combination of the latest sound processing technology while changing the appearance of traditional hearing aids will greatly satisfy the needs of the wearer.

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RICThe speaker is separated from the body and placed directly in the ear canal of the user. At the same time, the latest frequency conversion technology is combined, the frequency conversion range is wide, and the high frequency sound is richer. Hearing aids from box-type hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), in-ear hearing aids (ITEDeveloped to the latest variable frequency split hearing aids (RICThis may be one of the most revolutionary innovations in the history of hearing aid development.


its360The speech recognition system, which is comfortable to listen to in the full soundscape environment, can hear clearer and more comfortable in any conversation, and can provide you with a personalized tinnitus solution!

First, the frequency conversion split hearing aid (RIC)specialty

1, split design eliminates distortion and feels perfect sound quality

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RIC) due to the use of the receiver and sound processor split technology, the sound source distance from the tympanic membrane <15 mmCompletely eliminate the distortion of the output of the sound, greatly improving the true ear gain frequency response curve, as if whispering in your ear, giving users a more natural sound quality experience!

2, frequency conversion technology (third generation frequency shift technology), more abundant sound

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RICUsing the third generation of frequency conversion technology (UHF remodeling), the frequency conversion range is increased to10000 Hz, add more high frequency compensation, make the full frequency sound clear and distinguishable.

3The shape is concealed and small, bring her, forget her

Frequency conversion split hearing aids compared to conventional hearing aids (RICBecause the receiver is separated from the fuselage, the hearing aid is greatly reduced in size, usually only one-half of the size of the traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid, more concealed, small, beautiful, and sometimes you will forget the existence!

4Reduce the ear plugging effect and make it more comfortable to wear

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RICAnother big advantage is to reduce the blocking effect. The ear plugging effect, usually described as “echoes” of your own voice, is very annoying, and some people give up wearing hearing aids. The ear plug effect refers to the enhancement of the low frequency sound pressure level in the ear canal.

In order to confirm that the open earplug does not produce a blocking effect, the test subject chose10a weak person (5Male5Female). Each subject was selected with the most appropriate earplug size and sound tube length. The result of the plugging test (open earplugs, closed earplugs) is calculated by subtracting the open ear canal response from the ear plug response in the same test conditions. Subjects issued during the testee“Sound, guarantee “internal” test signal. The above picture shows the use of closed, open options, and vents (2mmVent hole) Optional plugging effect. It is worth noting that the plugging effect of wearing open earplugs is negligible. Even with tight closed earplugs, the average blocking effect is not2-3 dB. For most patients, this value does not cause annoyance or even notice.

5Currently the most advanced software features

Frequency conversion split hearing aid (RICThe latest chip, more computing power, with binaural interoperability; more accurate environment recognition, the world’s leading intelligent speech recognition system, can achieve full-automatic listening in the whole environment, allowing users to listen more freely and more comfortable.

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