Which hearing loss can be recovered

There are two types of hearing loss, one is permanent hearing loss. In other words, once these hearing losses occur, they cannot be treated for recovery. Another type of hearing loss is temporary hearing loss, or a recoverable hearing loss. In this article, we will briefly discuss the causes of temporary hearing loss to arouse people’s attention and protection.

Causes and solutions for recoverable hearing loss


Earwax accumulation

We know that under normal circumstances, the ear can produce ear wax to protect our ear canal from harm. However, sometimes, if these earwax blocks the ear canal, it will prevent sound waves from passing through the ear canal into the tympanic membrane, so that the tympanic membrane will not work properly, resulting in adverse hearing effects. When ear clogging occurs, the easiest solution is to ask the health care provider to help rinse or remove the earwax in the ear canal to restore normal hearing. Moreover, for most people, the whole process is quick and painless.

Otitis media

Once the area behind the human ear tympanic membrane is invaded by bacteria, it is likely to cause inflammation. Since the middle ear also includes a channel connected to the back of the throat, in many cases, when a person suffers from a cold virus, it can also cause an ear infection. When the sputum accumulates and begins to invade this passage between the ear and the throat, it causes infection, which in turn affects human hearing.

When the human body begins to fight infection through the autoimmune system, the middle ear will form some liquid accumulation under the influence of the infected bacteria. These fluids can exert some pressure on the ear structure for hearing. Sometimes the pressure generated by these fluids can be so large as to cause rupture of the tympanic membrane. Therefore, many people with tympanic membrane rupture will find blood or pus-like fluid flowing out of the ear with severe pain. Currently, the typical treatment for otitis media is the use of antibiotics, however, sometimes the ruptured tympanic membrane can be repaired by itself, or if it is not, it can be repaired by small surgery.

If you determine that deafness is going to be professionally worn with hearing aids, and a hearing aid suitable for your hearing, you can protect your residual hearing from getting your hearing down so fast.

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