What are the types of hearing loss?[Hearing loss type]

Different types of lesions in the ear can cause different types of hearing loss. The outer ear is composed of the auricle and the ear canal. If there is congenital atresia or deformity, the sound can not be transmitted into the ear normally, which will cause conductive hearing loss. This situation needs to be improved by adult reconstruction or orthopedic surgery in adulthood. Even causing hearing loss in both ears35-40Decibels should also be used as soon as possible. If there is no auricle or external auditory canal, a bone conduction hearing aid can be selected.


The middle ear includes the tympanic membrane, tympanic cavity, ossicular chain, etc. Suppurative otitis media and tympanic membrane perforation are the most common factors affecting hearing. When there is otitis media, even if the tympanic membrane is intact, there will be tympanic effusion, which will cause sound conduction resistance, and the amplification will be reduced, resulting in hearing loss. In the early stage, conductive hearing loss was the main factor, but after a long time, the toxin in the ear entered the inner ear to damage the auditory nerve and the inner and outer hair cells, and mixed hearing loss occurred. Common triggers include embolization, external auditory canal, various otitis media, and otosclerosis.

The inner ear includes the cochlea, the auditory nerve, the hair cells, etc., and damages the auditory nerve or hair cells for any reason, which will cause sensorineural hearing loss. After a long time, it will affect the brain’s speech resolving ability. Common causes are drug side effects, heredity, Age, etc. Either way, there are objective and early scientific checks and targeted scientific interventions.

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