Which brand of hearing aids in Guangdong is good?

1,The broad conclusion is that the use of each brand of hearing aids is similar. If the effect of the hearing aid is judged to be good or bad, each hearing aid brand is equivalent in a wide range (if statistics are used by many people), there is no absolute who is bad and who is bad.

2,The core function of the hearing aid is to amplify the sound. Regardless of the international big brands, including some of its sub-brands, or some domestic professional hearing aid brands, the products produced are in line with international and domestic electroacoustic standards, and can accurately complete the sound amplification. Function, this is the core function of hearing aid products.

3,Is there a difference between the hearing aid brand and the brand? Of course, there are still some, the main difference is the difference in tone, some people can not understand the tone, play a metaphor, your two friends say the same sentence to you, for example, they all ask you: “Where did the National Day go?” Let these two friends talk to you in the same way. You can understand the content very clearly. At the same time, you can clearly distinguish what the person said. The content of both of them is “Where is the National Day?” Played,” the meaning is exactly the same, but The sounds of the two people’s voices are different.


The two hearing aid brands are just like your two friends, with different sounds. However, because the human vocal organs (vocal cords, tongue, oral cavity and other organs) are quite different, you can easily distinguish the different timbres of two people. The difference between the pronunciation part of the hearing aid (the speakers, which are basically different types of speakers produced by a manufacturer) is very small. Of course, the brand chip handles the unique concept of sound and the sensitivity of the microphone, they will still show different Tone, but this difference is much smaller. Even if there are very small differences in sound, there are quite a few customers who can distinguish them. A considerable part of the customers that can be distinguished have timbre preferences. They like the sound of a branded sound. They will say that a certain brand is good. They are unaware that some people like other brands and other brands of hearing aids.

4,Based on3The reason for the point, different users like the angle of different brand sounds, from the individual point of view, there is still the possibility of thinking of a certain brand, but if you have not tried a few brands, it is impossible to know that you like the brand. Hearing aid sound, so I want to make sure that brand is good by asking questions on the Internet or asking people who wear hearing aids around me. The results obtained are not true, and the users want to achieve the purpose they want to achieve. Only action. Go to the store to listen to different brands of hearing aids, in order to know which brand you like.

5,If you are an adult and discerning child, the standard for choosing a hearing aid is their ear. To listen to several brands of hearing aids, they will choose the tone they like. The premise is that adults and children with discernment ability are because many children of young age have no or no feeling of timbre, so if someone says that a brand has a better effect, it is a complete station. Unspeakable.

6,For children, many parents like to inquire about what brand of hearing aids other children use, and then choose to use the effect to choose, this method is actually very unscientific, because each child has different hearing foundations, different rehabilitation efforts, naturally will present different rehabilitation The effect, if you see more children, you will find that each hearing aid brand has a very poor use of children. Because different hearing aid brands are equivalent to children, it is not the determining factor of the effect, but the patient fitting process is the master of the scientific fitting process.

7,For adults, if the fitter is patient and willing to take the time to let them listen to different brands of different price hearing aids (the fitter’s institution is multi-branded), I am willing to let you take the different hearing aids home for a few days. You can spend half a month to a month to audition and then decide to choose that. It is also your blessing to encounter such a fitter.

8,In addition to the use of the effect, there are some ways to balance the quality of the hearing aid, such as the probability of repair of the hearing aid, the lower the probability of maintenance, the better the natural quality of the hearing aid. The probability of maintenance is often determined by the various protective functions of the hearing aid. The functional protection against water and moisture is particularly prominent, and the probability of hearing aid maintenance with weak waterproof and moisture resistance is obviously much higher.

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