Hearing aidWhen is the most suitable for wearing?

The decline in hearing loss in the elderly is common, as a result of auditory-related tissue and cellular aging. Due to the deterioration of hearing, the elderly cannot communicate with family and friends smoothly. There will be feelings of inferiority and isolation. If there is a mental problem over time, it must be taken seriously. However, when the elderly can’t hear clearly, don’t rush to wear a hearing aid. You should first go to the otologist to check to eliminate other diseases. Common ear diseases that affect the hearing of the elderly include ear canal embolism in the external auditory canal, ear canal collapse, and ear fungal disease. Some drugs may also cause hearing loss, such as high doses of aspirin, diuretics, antibiotics, and platinum anticancer drugs for cancer chemotherapy. Long-term use may affect the auditory nerve, resulting in sudden hearing loss or loss. After excluding the above two types of reasons, if it is the back of the ear caused by natural hearing loss, and has affected normal life, it is required to help the hearing aid. There are also some sayings that wearing a hearing aid will reduce the chances of using the ear, but accelerate the hearing degradation. In fact, wearing a hearing aid is not related to the rate of hearing deterioration. It is best to choose a hearing aid under the guidance of an otologist. You should first check the hearing of the elderly, and choose a suitable and cost-effective hearing aid according to the situation. Do not buy a hearing aid at the general store. Otherwise, you cannot achieve a good hearing improvement. .


WearHearing aidDo not turn the volume too loud at first to avoid distortion of the sound. Practice first to focus on the sound you want to hear. You can choose to stay in a simple environment for a few days, let your ears adapt, and then slowly go to a more noisy environment. In the first few days, wearHearing aidTime should not exceed3If you feel nervous or tired, take a break for a few hours.

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