Deafness is a very familiar disease. Hearing aids and deafness are matched, just like glasses and myopia.

When can we wear hearing aids? Many people say that hearing aids can be worn after deafness, but in fact, this is not all right.

No matter how much your hearing loss is, you must first determine what kind of deafness you are before wearing the hearing aid, and then wear the hearing aid if the effect is not obvious or ineffective after corresponding treatment.

Let me give you an example. If a deaf patient is conductive deafness and the cause of deafness is cerumen embolism, can he wear a hearing aid immediately? Obviously, it’s not possible. Although there won’t be any doctors in the hospital who don’t check all the tests and directly ask you to equip hearing aids, at least you need to know this.

As I said above, patients with conductive deafness caused by cerumen embolism only need to take out the cerumen blocked in the ear canal and do not need to wear hearing aids at all.

For example, there is another deaf patient, who is caused by sudden deafness for some reason. As we all know, the hearing can be reduced to the lowest point in a very short time, and the patient can’t hear clearly at a moment, so is it time to immediately wear a hearing aid? No, all patients with sudden deafness should also be treated first. At the beginning, the hearing situation of the patients with sudden deafness is very unstable. Observation and treatment should be carried out first. After the hearing situation of the patients is stable, the hearing aids should be matched. Otherwise, it is not appropriate for you to wear them. The hearing situation is not matched.

The two examples I mentioned above can be said to be quite typical, so when you encounter this situation in the future, don’t rush to get a hearing aid. If you don’t know, you can ask the doctor or the matching doctor to tell them whether they need to get a hearing aid or to have treatment first.

When our patients decide that they need to wear hearing aids or can wear hearing aids immediately, don’t delay. The longer the delay, the more serious your hearing loss will be, and the worse the hearing aid effect will be after wearing hearing aids. Although we have said so much, the sooner the principle of wearing hearing AIDS, the better. When a series of factors have stabilized, You can wear a hearing aid. At the same time, hearing aids can protect your residual hearing and reduce the speed of hearing loss.

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