As the saying goes: “small holes do not make up, big holes suffer.” The earlier the disease is intervened, the better the effect of rehabilitation will be. The same is true for deaf patients. Hearing aids should be selected as early as possible. How can we detect the trend of deafness in the elderly as soon as possible? First of all, they are often troubled by tinnitus, which is an obvious precursor of deafness. Secondly, with the decline of the physical function of the elderly, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases will cause hearing loss, and those who have suffered brain infarction will also have deafness.

Some old people think it’s just that they can’t hear others clearly, so there’s no need to pay attention to it. In fact, hearing is not good, in addition to bringing difficulties in communication with patients, there are many bad consequences. There is a saying called “one deaf and three foolish”. Although it is not pleasant to hear, it really reflects the actual situation of the hearing impaired patients. We know that there are only three channels for people to communicate with the outside world: vision, hearing and touch. No matter which channel is blocked, it will affect people’s ability to get information and have a direct impact on people’s quality of life. If a person gradually loses his hearing, he will feel isolated from his family and society, become lonely, alienated and melancholy, and gradually lose his communication ability with the society. If the elderly pay attention to the problem of hearing loss at the beginning, if they wear hearing aids and take some drugs in time, then the above problems may be avoided. At the same time, it may inhibit or slow down the speed of hearing loss, stimulate the auditory nerve, and improve the understanding of language.

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