< a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/932.html" target = "_blank" > when is the best time for hearing impaired people to wear hearing aids? Experts have given an answer: the earlier the better. When the treatment is confirmed to be invalid, the hearing aid should be worn as early as possible. Especially for children, otherwise it will affect their language development,

Over time, children will become dumb, deaf and dumb.

It’s not good to wear a hearing aid at will. Hearing aid has a history of more than 100 years, and now it has developed into a high-tech product with high technology content. When choosing, you must go to a regular hospital or a rehabilitation center of the civil affairs department. It’s better to choose an internationally famous brand. The low-grade hearing aid will damage your hearing.

The wearing of hearing aids is not just casual, but also knowledgeable.

First of all, wearing hearing aids has a process of adaptation, which basically takes a month to adapt. Because the hearing-impaired people are in a silent world or very quiet state for a long time, they are not used to wearing them at the beginning, and need to overcome their resistance and fear of difficulties. When wearing it, you can first wear it at home or in a quiet situation. During this period, you can learn how to use them, such as the adjustment of buttons;

Second, when you feel uncomfortable, you can take it off, don’t wear it all day, and gradually get used to wearing it every day;

Third, at the beginning of wearing, the voice can be adjusted a little bit, from small to large, and gradually adjust the best state of their adaptation. In this way, step by step, for a long time, it’s good to form habits. In the process of adaptation, you can contact your doctor to solve any discomfort.

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