Deaf, can’t hear clearly, no matter who meets this kind of thing, it’s hard to be confused, how painful it is to hear the world’s voice, a question many deaf patients will ask: can our hearing recover after deafness?

You can recover, but you can’t, why should I say that? In fact, it depends on the nature of your deafness. Generally speaking, we divide deafness into three parts: conductive, mixed and sensorineural. Among these three, it can be said that conductive deafness is the best treatment, which is also the only deafness that can be expected to recover after deafness. Then someone has to ask, what if I am the latter two kinds of deafness? Am I deaf all my life? Can’t I hear you? I’ll talk about that later.

There are many causes of conductive deafness, such as otitis media, cerumen embolism, tympanic membrane perforation and so on. Generally, this kind of deafness only needs to be treated according to the cause of the disease, and after the source of the disease is solved, then the hearing will hopefully recover. Note that what I’m talking about here is recovery, not complete recovery. For example, the deafness caused by tympanic membrane perforation will recover after the repair operation, but generally it can’t reach the normal hearing of the previous ear. According to the operation method, the patient’s self-condition will be different.

The other two kinds of deafness, sensorineural deafness, are caused by the damage to the hair cells, auditory nerve, auditory conduction pathway or neurons at all levels of the spiral organ. It’s quite complicated to say. For example, two well-known deafness, sudden deafness and senile deafness belong to sensorineural deafness, and then mixed deafness is actually a comparison Unfortunately, this kind of deafness is both conductive and sensorineural.

These two kinds of deafness have sensorineural properties, so I’d better follow this property of deafness directly.

Up to now, sensorineural deafness can’t be cured, and the hearing loss caused by it is irreversible. If there is such kind of deafness, you can go to the hospital to have a check first to see if you can find out what causes it, and then you can have drug treatment. Although it can’t be cured, the sensorineural deafness caused by some factors can be treated by drugs If there is no effect or the effect is very poor, the patients can choose to wear hearing aids.

Although hearing aids can’t help you recover your hearing, they can effectively help you improve your listening environment. Unlike taking medicine, hearing aids have no side effects on the body. Secondly, hearing aids can not only make the patient hear clearly, but also protect residual hearing and alleviate hearing loss.

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