After the age of 40, as the age continues to grow, the hearing will gradually decline. At first, because the suction decline is mainly in the high-frequency area, and people need to fish in the low-frequency area in their daily life, so they don’t feel any inconvenience in life at this time. But as the age continues to grow, the hearing decline will gradually spread to the low-frequency area, and then it will be obvious The old man’s life. Some people will advise you to wear hearing aids, others may tell you that wearing hearing aids is not effective. So, which deafness can wear hearing aids?

Generally speaking, deaf patients who can hear the enlarged sound of hearing aids can wear hearing aids. In principle, deafness can be divided into two categories: conductive deafness if there is an obstacle in transmitting sound to the inner ear; sensorineural deafness if there is a defect in the part of the inner ear that senses sound and the auditory nerve. The former can compensate for hearing loss caused by conduction obstruction, so the effect is better. The latter is more complex, so that the effect of hearing aid is not as ideal as the former. Old age deafness belongs to sensorineural deafness. It has poor ability to distinguish language content. The suitable area for listening to sound is narrower than that of normal people. It can’t love the sound with a little increase. So when the old man wears the hearing aid, turning it down can’t play the role of amplifying the sound; turning it up can’t stand the shock; turning it up not long, because the old man’s language resolution is poor, he can’t hear what the other person is saying, which is why some people say that wearing the hearing aid is not good.

Although the effect of hearing aids on some old people is not ideal, they can still improve their hearing after training. For the old people who are going to wear hearing aids, they can first consult a special audiologist or otologist for assistance and guidance. According to the results of hearing test, choose the appropriate hearing aids to meet the needs of individuals. When wearing, the volume switch should be turned down, and then increased gradually. It should be used indoors first, and then outdoors. It should be adapted gradually, and it is effective to listen to a speech one meter away.

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