Neurogenic deafness, also known as sensorineural deafness, is caused by the damage of auditory hair cells. Many kinds of deafness belong to neurogenic deafness, such as the well-known geriatric deafness, hereditary deafness, sudden deafness and so on.

What should we do when we accidentally suffer from nervous deafness?

I can only regret to say that with the current medical means, there is no way to completely cure neurogenic deafness for the time being, but pay attention to it, not that there is no way.

Although it can’t be cured, it can relieve deafness. How to do it?

About nervous deafness, we can relieve deafness through drug treatment, but I personally don’t recommend drugs very much. After all, drugs have side effects. It’s not good to eat too much. Secondly, drug treatment is not a short-term treatment process, it needs time to accumulate, which is an economic burden for an ordinary family It’s bigger.

Nerve deafness can also be treated by surgery. Here, there are two kinds of surgical treatment. One is to implant the cochlear implant to directly stimulate the auditory nerve so that we can hear the sound. The other is to restore the hearing of the part of sensorineural deafness caused by pathological changes through hand surgery.

Another method I recommend is to wear hearing aids to compensate for hearing loss. At the same time, this method is also the most effective and successful method for patients with neural deafness. Compared with the cost, it is lower than the former two, and the effect is quite good.

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