Some people have been troubled by hearing problems since they were young, because of the hearing loss caused by genetic or other factors. These children have been in a state of hearing loss since they were young.

So for those children who can’t hear well from their small ears, can they be equipped with hearing aids?

We need to know what national standards for hearing loss are before we know whether we can equip hearing aids.

Normal hearing is below 25 dB.

Mild hearing loss is between 26 dB and 40 dB.

Moderate hearing loss is between 41 dB and 60 dB.

Severe hearing loss is between 61 and 80 decibels.

Extremely severe hearing loss is more than 81 decibels.

Generally speaking, hearing loss of hearing aids can be worn as long as they are above 35 decibels.

Before wearing hearing aids, we need to buy them first. The purchase of hearing aids is different from that of towels and cups, which need to be matched professionally. But some people are greedy for small and cheap things, while some people don’t know about hearing aids. They will choose to buy them online, but the effect of hearing aids after they buy them is often ignored Yes.

Hearing aids need to be tested professionally. Before we buy them, we need to go to the fitting center or hospital to have a hearing test and check the degree of hearing loss. Then the hearing aid examiner will choose the right hearing aid for you according to the degree of hearing loss.

Afterwards, you need to try on the hearing aid after the match maker selects it for you, so as to know the effect after you put on the hearing aid. It is a very important link to try on the hearing aid. After wearing the hearing aid, the match maker will talk with you and let you feel the feeling after wearing the hearing aid.

Go back to the previous question, can hearing aids be equipped for poor hearing? The answer must be yes, but there is a premise for all this. You need to have residual hearing. Residual hearing has a lot to do with the hearing aid effect after wearing the hearing aids. Without residual hearing, it is impossible to wear high-end hearing aids, So if your hearing loss has reached total deafness, it’s a pity that you can’t wear hearing aids. If you want to hear the sound again, you can only consider using cochlear implant.

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