How to reduce hearing lossHow to do a little bit of hearing loss?

You can pay attention to the following points in your life, and you can effectively prevent the noise from harming you.

(1) Use headphones to focus on volume and time limit. Use headphones properly and follow”60-60-60“The principle that the volume is controlled at the maximum volume60%Within, the time of continuous listening is controlled1Hours(60分钟)Within, the external sound is best not to exceed60 dBIt is best to remove the headphones every half an hour and let the ears rest properly;

(2) try to drive less to the electric playground,KTVNoise environment such as movie theater; properly control the sound volume of home theater and square dance;


(3It is expected to use earphones, earmuffs, soundproof caps and other anti-sound equipment or cotton balls in the ear canal before entering the detonation area. If there is no protective material, it can be inserted into the external ear canal of both sides with two small fingers. At the same time, it can be lying down and back to the explosion source, which can have certain protective effect. Middle ear damage can also be reduced if you breathe or swallow when you are knocking;

(4) Listening should be checked before employment. People with sensorineural deafness and noise sensitivity should avoid working in a noisy environment. Persons working in a noisy environment should check their hearing regularly.

(5) Assembly of sound insulation and sound-absorbing facilities (such as soundproof windows) to eliminate or reduce noise in life.

(6 Keep quiet sleep time. Everyone knows that good quality sleep is very important for health, but the volume is up to40Decibels are enough to affect sleep, that is, the ambient sound of sleep cannot be greater than the sound of a pendulum, or the sound of a low voice in a quiet environment. Even if you are not awakened, as long as it is enough to interfere with sleep, it will have an impact on your health. Short-term effects include poor nighttime sleep, wake up late at night, wake up early in the morning, sleep at night, and mental sleep during the day. In addition, lack of sleep can lead to abnormal metabolism, and even affect mental health and cause cardiovascular disease.

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