What should you pay attention to during the use of hearing aids?

Wearing hearing aids:

1You must wear a professional fit according to your hearing situation, otherwise you will not get the hearing aid effect, but will damage the residual hearing.

2Try to choose a digital hearing aid that is comfortable to wear, has noise reduction and high speech clarity.

3Such as hearing loss in both ears, Hearing aids should be worn in both ears.


4, After the hearing aid is worn, there is an adaptation process, and it is necessary to carry out speech rehabilitation training step by step in order to achieve the best hearing aid effect.(Training method fitter will inform)

5Family understanding and support, Since language communication is a two-way behavior, as a family member must understand the patient’s psychological state, deafness, correct use of hearing aids, and at the same time, cooperate with patients in speech rehabilitation training, master correct communication methods, maintain love and patience, and choose the process of hearing aids. The participation of the family from beginning to end will help to improve the patient’s confidence and use of the hearing aid. Hearing aid wearers have a qualitative impact on how they communicate with their families and the effects of hearing aids.

6The hearing aid should be maintained regularly.2-3The maintenance center will be maintained once a month to ensure the life and performance of the hearing aid!

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