Hearing aids can be used to amplify the sound to different degrees for deaf patients to hear and hear clearly. Generally speaking, hearing aids are worn when patients can not recover or improve their hearing through some methods such as drug treatment or surgical treatment, and doctors will wear them after communicating with patients to determine.

Our hearing loss patients should pay more attention to the effect or the heavy price before buying hearing aids.

Many people think that the effect of high price hearing aids is better than that of low price hearing aids. In fact, this is not absolute, so it is not that the effect of low price hearing aids must be lower than that of high price hearing aids. Everything depends on your patient’s own situation.

For example, you spent a lot of money to buy a high-end machine, but the effect of wearing it is not so good. But you later only used a third of the price of this high-end machine to buy a hearing aid with medium performance, but the wearing effect is better than that of the previous high-end machine, so do you think the effect of high price must be good?

As I said before, everything depends on the patient’s own situation. Maybe your hearing loss and the nature of hearing loss are not suitable for wearing high-end machines.

When choosing hearing aids, we should pay attention to that if your hearing loss is within 80 decibels, you only need to choose ordinary power hearing aids. If your hearing loss is more than 80 decibels, you can consider using high-power hearing aids. If the power rate is small, you can’t hear clearly. Generally speaking, the same series, the same appearance hearing aids, power The bigger, the more expensive.

When purchasing hearing aids, we should not only consider the price and effect, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of hearing aids.

This is also very important. Hearing aids are not discarded after a period of time like a towel toothbrush. The life of hearing aids is defined in years. Generally speaking, the life of hearing aids is 5 to 8 years. A well maintained hearing aid can be used for more than 10 years. Thus, how important is the after-sales service of hearing aids. If a store cannot guarantee or guarantee the time Very short, so you don’t want to turn around and leave.

Remember that when buying hearing aids, the effect of factors considered is greater than or equal to after-sales, greater than the price.

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