Hearing aid is a device that can make hearing loss patients hear the world’s voice again, and it is also a high-density electronic product. All electronic products, moisture-proof and keep dry is a very important daily work, which must be done every day, so do you know the correct drying method of hearing aids?

First of all, when the hearing aid is dry, it needs a special hearing aid drying box. When doing the drying work, you need to open the door of the battery compartment of the hearing aid, take out the battery and put it into the drying box, then cover the cover of the drying box. Remember to cover it. Before meeting a customer who always complains that the drying box is useless and can’t replace several, and then ask Good guy, can I use the hearing aid if it’s not covered?

At the same time, we need to remember that if the color of the desiccant in the drying box changes, it means that the moisture of the desiccant has been fully absorbed and needs to be replaced. In addition, we have also said before that the drying of the hearing aid needs a professional desiccant. Do not use food desiccant as a desiccant.

Every day when we go to bed or use the hearing aid for a short time, we need to put the hearing aid into a drying box and do a good job of daily drying and maintenance.

Secondly, some of us use the electronic drying box. When using the electronic drying box, we need to see the instructions for the specific drying time. However, the electronic drying box is different from the general hearing aid drying box, which is not suitable for use every day. It is generally used after going to a particularly humid environment or after sweating a lot. Then remember to take out the battery Put it in after you come. Don’t just throw it in foolishly.

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