Ears are one of our facial features, and also an organ that enables me to hear sounds. Here are some common knowledge about ears.

The ear structure is extremely complex.

The ear has the smallest human bone, stapes, and although the space between the middle ear and inner ear is very small, the structure is very complex.

2. Wearing earphones for one hour, the bacteria in the ears increased by 700 times.
Especially in ear earphones, because the ear canal is blocked, which leads to ventilation problems. Once ventilation problems occur, the ear canal becomes a hotbed for bacteria. So we’d better wear headphones for more than 45 minutes. We’d better use those headphones.

Some dizziness is related to ears.

The important function of the vestibular semicircular canal of the inner ear is to keep the balance of the body. Once the level of the inner lymph is disturbed, it will lead to dizziness. That’s why people feel dizzy when they spin too fast.

The ear canal is “automatically updated” every year

The skin in the ear canal will grow about 3.3cm every year. Of course, the skin will break away automatically every year. If you don’t fall off, when you are 20 years old, the ear canal will grow to about 60.96cm outside the ear.

5. The ears are still working when sleeping.

When you are sleeping, your ears will work all the time to accept the external voice, so sometimes when you are awakened by the external voice at night, you don’t know, and your brain is blank.

Six. Too high a sound can cause death.

When the sound exceeds 90 decibels, it will cause damage to our ears, 120 decibels will make us temporarily deaf, 160 decibels will pierce our eardrum, 190 decibels will cause people and death. It has been found abroad that the ocean can produce 190 decibels of sound under some special conditions.

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