In fact, deafness is due to hearing impairment, resulting in different levels of hearing loss, hearing loss, which we commonly call deafness.

Myopia is very common. Deafness is actually the same. We can call it deafness when we can’t hear or hear clearly. People who wear glasses grasp a large number of them on the street. Even many people regard wearing glasses as a trend. So is it common for people who wear hearing aids, but can’t see several people who wear hearing aids?

One of the reasons is that although deafness is common, it is not common to reach the level of myopia. Nowadays, people are staring at mobile computers every day. It is difficult to be short-sighted, because the living environment causes more and more people to be short-sighted.

The next reason is that most deaf people don’t want to wear hearing aids or don’t want to wear them. There are many people who reject hearing aids from their hearts. They think it’s something that disabled people can wear. I also said that wearing glasses has become a trend, but wearing hearing aids is not. Although we all recognize glasses, most people do not recognize hearing aids. Its popularization has not reached the level of glasses.

Many people think that hearing aids are not good-looking and they are afraid of being laughed at. Therefore, they do not choose to wear hearing aids or walk in the street. Because they wear hearing aids, they feel that they are a different person and are told by others. Don’t think so much. No one else is looking at you, or not at all.

Secondly, the hearing aid is too small and too hidden. Many people think that the hearing aid is a kind of big hanging on the ear. In fact, it is only one of the hearing aids. Because many people reject the appearance of the hearing aid, the hearing aid manufacturer will make the hearing aid smaller and more hidden.

Now many invisible hearing aids can’t be found if you don’t look carefully. And those deep ear channel hearing aids can’t be found easily if they are plugged into the ear canal.

When we find that we have hearing loss, it is better to wear hearing aids as early as possible to avoid further hearing loss. Most of the time, it’s just your psychological function that others are looking at you, so don’t worry too much about it.

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