What should I do if the hearing aid encounters rainy weather?

The news that is often heard is that a new round of precipitation will hit Many places are continuing to watch the sea… And after experiencing the barbecue mode of “going out for five minutes and sweating for two hours”, according to the weather forecast, some areas will also have heavy rains this day and tomorrow.

The rain is increasing and the air is humid, so care must be taken for the maintenance of hearing aids. How to avoid rainstorms outside? How to prevent moisture at home?


In the case of frequent rains during the flood season, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to the weather forecast and carry rain gear before going out. If there is no wind, the rain will not drift obliquely. Generally, wearing a hearing aid will not cause problems. If there is sudden rain and no rain gear is carried out, it is best to remove the hearing aid and wrap it in a paper towel and put it in the bag to prevent the device from getting wet.

In addition to the rain, what other moisture opportunities can damage the hearing aid?

Same as most electronic devices on the market. Hearing aids are afraid of water. Especially in summer, rain, sweat, sea water, fog, moisture, steam and humidity during bathing90%The above air may cause problems such as corrosion of the hearing aid device, circuit failure and distortion of the sound quality to varying degrees.

With regard to moisture in the northern flood season and the humid southern region, the moisture will continue to invade the hearing aids, and it is impossible to prevent! The humidifier should also be noted!

About seawater When a hearing aid invades sweat or seawater, the surface of the circuit board crystallizes after the water evaporates, and secondary corrosion occurs after the tide.

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