What should children consider when wearing a hearing aid?

1Should limit the maximum sound output first

Because the inner ear hair cells of children have a poor ability to withstand strong sound stimulation, it is necessary to strictly control the maximum sound output of the hearing aid, preferably using a compression amplification circuit.Child hearing aid.


2To use the ear mold

Because the child’s ears are still in the developmental stage, an ear mold is required. The sound hole of the ear mold is small and easy to block, so it should be cleaned frequently. Because the children develop rapidly, the frequency of ear mold replacement is faster, each3 ~ 6Need to change once a month.

3To ensure the comfort of the hearing aid

The child’s auricle is small and soft, and the supporting force is poor, so the volume of the hearing aid should be minimized under the premise of ensuring the acoustic gain.

4Correct evaluation of results

Because younger children have low hearing sensitivity, the criteria for older children and adults cannot be used when evaluating hearing aid effects. The period for evaluating the effects of hearing aids is short, each3At least once a month.

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