Human auditory system is very important and fragile, but it is also very difficult to treat problems, especially sudden deafness. A sound person suddenly enters the silent world, which is a great harm to physiology and psychology. UNESCO believes that sudden deafness is a disease that can cause disability.

The incidence of sudden deafness is on the rise in recent years. More and more patients come to the fitting center to ask about “sudden deafness”. Without exception, every fitting doctor will let the patients go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital for treatment. But sudden deafness often gets the attention of patients themselves. Many people think that it will get better after two days of “getting angry”. In fact, sudden deafness is a very serious ear disease, and the effect of not going to see a doctor ten days later is very poor, which should be paid attention to by the pharmacists.

Sudden deafness (hereinafter referred to as sudden deafness) is a kind of sudden sensorineural deafness with unknown causes, also known as sudden deafness. De klevn (1944) first described the disease, the incidence increased year by year, about 10.7 of 10000 people, accounting for 2% of the initial cases of otorhinolaryngology. The incidence of two ears accounted for 4%, of which one half and two ears suffered from the disease at the same time. There was no significant difference in sex and incidence between left and right sides. With the increase of age, the incidence also increased, 3 / 4 of them were aged 40 or over. The treatment effect is directly related to the time of treatment. It should be considered as an emergency. The time of treatment should be within one week, and the effect of treatment is not good ten days later.

There are many causes of sudden deafness, such as psychological, thrombotic, viral, and even the fistula between the inner ear and the middle ear caused by weightlifting. Among them, sudden deafness caused great damage to the middle ear, and it is easy to cause permanent damage to the hearing. Once it is defined as permanent irreversible hearing loss, it is necessary to make sound compensation in time.

Not only the rehabilitation of deaf children should be “three early”, but also any hearing problems should be based on the principle of “three early”, such as “early detection”, “early treatment” and “early matching”, especially those permanent hearing loss caused by sudden deafness. China’s hearing rehabilitation workers and the people in need are distributed at 1:3000000. There is a long way to go in the work of listening science popularization, and we still need to work hard.

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