Hyperlipidemia may also be related to hearing deterioration in the elderly. According to traditional Chinese medicine, people with hyperlipidemia are 20% more likely to have hard hearing than those with normal blood fat. This is because hyperlipidemia can damage the inner ear nerves and blood vessels.

On the one hand, hyperlipidemia can cause lipid deposition and increase lipid peroxide in inner ear. Lipid peroxides can cause damage to the inner ear nerve, directly lead to cell damage and vascular atrophy of the inner ear, and thus lead to hearing loss in the elderly. On the other hand, with the increase of blood viscosity and platelet aggregation, hyperlipidemia patients are prone to atherosclerosis, slow blood flow and insufficient blood supply. These factors can cause microcirculation perfusion disorder in the inner ear, and then affect the inner ear hearing. Although there is no difference in symptoms between the hard hearing caused by hyperlipidemia and the hard hearing caused by aging, the elderly should go to the hospital in time to check the blood lipid when they have hearing loss, tinnitus and other early symptoms of hard hearing. If the hearing impairment caused by hyperlipidemia is confirmed after examination, we should actively carry out lipid-lowering treatment. After treatment, if the blood lipid is well controlled, it can effectively delay hearing loss.

In addition, the adjustment of life and diet can also effectively improve the hard of hearing symptoms. It is suggested to eat more celery, bamboo shoot, balsam pear, onion and other foods to reduce blood lipid, and walnut, pine nut and other foods to improve hearing. Form good living habits, stop silting and drinking, and exercise more at ordinary times. When the external auditory canal is not in time, try not to dig out the ear with hard things to avoid inducing infection. Hearing loss caused by hyperlipidemia can be effectively delayed after reasonable treatment, such as good blood lipid control.

Generally, after 60 years old, the microvasculature of the ear will gradually become hard and narrow, and the red blood cells will also gradually become hard. Hard red blood cells are easy to block blood vessels and cause microcirculation disorders in the ear, which results in hearing loss in the elderly.

The supplement of certain iron can expand the microvascular, ensure the blood supply of the ear, and effectively prevent hearing loss. Modern medical research has also found that the content of zinc in the inner ear and cochlea is very high, while the content of zinc in the cochlea of people over 60 years old is significantly reduced, which affects the cochlear function and leads to hearing loss.

In addition, aging hard hearing is also related to vitamin D in human body. Therefore, the elderly should eat more zinc and vitamin D foods, such as lotus seeds, peanuts, sesame, walnuts, lean meat and so on.

As a whole, according to medical statistics, 90% of the patients with sudden hard hearing can return to normal or close to normal hearing within 24 hours after the onset of the disease, 80% of the patients can achieve the effect within three days, 60% to 70% of the patients hope to be cured within five days, while those who are not treated within two weeks will have a poor state of hearing recovery. In addition, the recovery speed of the disease is related to other factors, such as the older the patient is, the weaker the resilience is; when the attack is accompanied by severe vertigo, the weaker the recovery status is.

In terms of preventive measures, we should also pay attention to strengthening our physical fitness and preventing colds. In our work and life, we should avoid excessive mental tension, adjust our emotions, and avoid being too excited and tired.

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