Nowadays, many people “can’t leave their ears” every day, but do you know that the highest volume of a small MP3 is the same as that of an airplane taking off? If you don’t use MP3 or mobile music properly, it will seriously damage your hearing health.

In general, the volume that the human body can bear is below 80 decibels. If you live in an environment of more than 80 decibels for a long time, you will have headache, memory loss, insomnia and other symptoms; when the volume of the human ear is up to 100 decibels, a long time can cause irrecoverable hearing loss; when you are stimulated by the volume of more than 120 decibels for a long time, the hearing cells will be permanently damaged, and the serious will cause hearing loss.

So, how loud is the volume of listening music? Here are several kinds of noise volume, you can compare them.

Volume comparison:

Mp3 maximum volume: 120 dB

Take off sound: 120 dB

Electric drill sound: 100dB

Noisy bar: 90dB

Downtown: 70dB

General conversation: 50 dB

Quiet conversation: 30 decibels

It can be seen that the highest volume an mp3 can achieve is equal to the sound of an airplane taking off.

In fact, any sound above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, because the loss depends not only on the volume, but also on the contact time. If the environment is 90 decibels for 8 hours a day, it is enough to cause gradual and irreversible hearing damage. Therefore, experts also pointed out that in fact, the damage of listening to music to human hearing is not inherent, but caused by people’s improper use.

Don’t want to lose your hearing, but also regard music as the source of spiritual vitality. What should I do? Change the habit of listening to music from today, while enjoying music, you should also treasure your ears!

Suggestion 1: purchase high quality earphones

Earphones should be of good quality, low noise, and the volume can be adjusted freely and flexibly. In case of excessive sound, the earphones can be adjusted in time It is recommended to use earphones with earmuffs as they do less damage to the ears than embedded earphones.

Suggestion 2: control the volume

It is better to control the volume of music to about 60 dB, and the maximum is no more than 80 dB, which is suitable for feeling comfortable and pleasant.

Suggestion 3: reduce listening time

Don’t listen to music for a long time. Let your ears rest every half an hour. The longest time of the whole day should not be more than three hours. Of course, the less, the better.

Suggestion 4: try to listen in a quiet environment

Don’t listen to music in noisy public places, because it takes a lot of volume to cover the noise.

Suggestion 5: don’t listen to music while sleeping

When sleeping, the ears are constantly stimulated by music. Unconsciously, the hearing is damaged a lot.

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