Sudden deafness is a kind of sudden sensorineural deafness with unknown cause, also known as sudden deafness. The main clinical manifestations are unilateral hearing loss, accompanied by tinnitus, ear blockage, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. The treatment effect is directly related to the time of treatment.

In cold winter, people who suffer from ear disease often have a high probability of deafness, which is due to the contraction of blood supply function of inner ear capillaries directly affected by the environment after the weather changes from warm to cold. The labyrinthine artery in the ear is the only source of blood supply. Once spasm occurs, sudden deafness occurs. In addition, people who have no ear disease will also suffer from cold and wind, plus work pressure, overwork, emotional excitement and deafness.

The degree of deafness is different. Light people’s ear obstruction and tinnitus are easy to be ignored. Moderate and severe deafness are more common, accompanied by severe vertigo. In clinical, this kind of deafness belongs to sensorineural deafness. There is also a kind of deafness which starts very quickly. A few hours before the onset of the disease, tinnitus can appear intermittently and run through the whole process of deafness. There are no other brain nerve symptoms and signs except for the auditory nerve.

Excessive fatigue, psychological pressure, mental stimulation, upper respiratory tract infection and so on may be the causes of sudden deafness. It is understood that in recent years, the incidence of young people is on the rise, the incidence of mental workers is high, and many teenagers and children also have tinnitus.

Therefore, experts suggest taking measures such as relieving fatigue, relaxing mood and exercising properly, which have certain effect on the prevention of sudden deafness.

If there is sudden deafness symptoms, we must go to the hospital in time for treatment, generally within one week of the onset of treatment, the recovery rate can reach more than 90%; if more than one month of treatment, the cure rate will be greatly reduced.

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