When children are young, they can’t make timely stress response to some external stimuli due to their lack of autonomy. For children, especially infants, the hearing system is not well developed. Poor living environment will lead to hearing loss and even permanent injury. Therefore, parents must be vigilant.

I. take baby to see the world. Don’t go to KTV

Some parents especially like to listen to music loudly at home or take their children to karaoke, but in a relatively closed space, no matter at home or KTV, as long as they are in an environment of more than 120 decibels for a long time, they are very easy to cause damage to the ears. So parents try not to take their children to dance halls, bars and other places of entertainment. When the child listens to the music in his room too loud, the mother should properly remind him not to let the sound destroy the child’s hearing.

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2. Loud toys

All kinds of colorful electric toys, while inspiring children’s intelligence, too loud sound may cause damage to children’s hearing Experts remind that when buying toys for young children, they must carefully select them, and do not hurt them unconsciously.

The following set of toy noise test data can roughly reflect the toy noise pollution faced by children:

1. The noise emitted by toy motor vehicles is 82-100db within 10cm;

2. The noise value of the large-scale music gun is 74-107 decibels in the distance of 100 cm, and the maximum is 130-140 decibels;

3. The volume of a squeaky compressed air toy can reach 78-108db within 10cm distance;

4. The average noise value of firecrackers within 3 meters is 125-156 dB;

5. The sound of the electric toy car carrying people can reach 74-97 decibels, which is mostly found in the children’s playground in parks or large shopping malls;

6. The sound level of inertia children’s toys is the lowest, 52-81 decibels, but the average sound level of most of the above children’s toys is more than 60 decibels.

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III. household appliance noise

There is a kind of noise source in our life that has not been paid attention to, that is, the noise produced by household appliances. According to the measurement, the sound level of the TV, radio and recorder with volume amplification can reach 60-70 decibels within 1 meter away from people; the sound level of the electric fan is 42-60 decibels; that of the refrigerator is 34-50 decibels; that of the motor when the washing machine is rotating is 60-70 decibels; that of the hair dryer is 55-90 decibels; that of the electric razor is 47-60 decibels; and that of the sound can reach 90 decibels.

It can be seen that sometimes the noise of household appliances is not lower than that of car horns on the road In order to reduce or avoid the harm of noise, when purchasing household appliances, try not to put the appliances with loud noise in the same room. When watching TV or listening to music, the sound should not be too loud, and children should not stay in the rooms with loud noise for a long time.

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IV. digging ears

Many parents think that the baby’s earwax is harmful to the baby, so they often use tools such as toothpicks, cotton swabs, ear spoons and so on to remove the baby’s earwax, and they must clean it up. However, the external auditory canal of the baby is far from mature, and the external auditory canal is mostly flat and crevice like, which is not easy to operate. In addition, the inner ear skin is very delicate, and it is easy to take out earwax frequently, which can cause some adverse consequences: the minor one cuts the inner ear skin and causes inflammation, boils and sores, which may pierce the tympanic membrane seriously, leading to hearing damage of the baby.

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V. ill and disorderly medication

When children suffer from cold, headache and fever, if the ototoxic drugs such as streptomycin, gentamicin and kanamycin are injected blindly, it will lead to a small number of allergic children’s inner ear hearing organ poisoning, hearing loss or even severe hearing impairment If ototoxic drugs lead to hearing loss before learning to speak, and there is no intervention, children may become deaf mute. Therefore, when the child is ill, parents should never give the child drugs without permission.

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