Invisible hearing aidWhat brand is good [invisible hearing aid brand list]

Invisible hearing aidAlso known as the IIC hearing aid, meaning a hearing aid that is completely invisible. The invisible hearing aid is smaller than the traditional deep-ear canal CIC hearing aid, and the wearing effect is more invisible. The invisible hearing aid is also the most difficult digital hearing aid in the current custom machine.


Invisible hearing aidMain brand

The more popular hearing aids currently on the market include Siemens’ Extreme Phantom, Acoustic Ruby, and Phonak Nano. Each brand of hearing aid has its own characteristics.

1Supreme phantom

Made with the smallest component available, placed in the second bend of the ear canal. The specially designed soft earplug Soft Dome reduces stress and eliminates the blocking effect, improving listening comfort. Suitable for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss.

2Love vocal ruby

Wearing the second corner of the ear canal, it has powerful functions such as intelligent noise reduction, virtual buttons and tinnitus masking treatment. Invisible and high power, wide range of adaptation. At the same time, it satisfies the pursuit of function, performance and appearance. Because ruby ​​not only does a good job in appearance and performance, but also has an advantage in price, it has won the favor of young people once it is launched.


NanoThe biggest highlight is the small size. Its outer casing has high hardness and wear resistance, so the outer casing is firm and there is no need to worry about the shell being broken. The nano has a higher power and a wider range of adaptations.

In general, each brand of hearing aids has its own characteristics. Siemens has always been famous for its electrical products. The quality of Phonak is high. Love sound is not only good quality, the price is very favorable, and the price is very high. The hearing situation of each hearing impaired patient is different, so it is best for you.

How to chooseInvisible hearing aid:

Because the invisible hearing aid is about 20%~30% smaller than the smallest complete ear canal hearing aid in the past, the 90% observation on the wearer’s side can reach 100% invisibility, and has a series of advantages in acoustics. It greatly satisfies the requirements of users who are most aesthetically pleasing, and is ideal for users of different ages such as teenagers and middle-aged people.

1Like the age, invisible hearing aids and in-ear hearing aids, the wearer’s ear canal should be developed. Therefore, young people and middle-aged are more suitable.

2The shape is much smaller than the volume of the traditional CIC, and the wearing position of the main body portion is in the second ear canal curve, so the ear canal should not be too short or too narrow, and the middle ear has no disease.

3,Invisible hearing aid suitableHearing loss ≤ 85dB (some hearing aids can be expanded to 100dB), speech recognition rate is at a medium level, that is, you can generally understand what others are saying.

4Have a correct understanding and expectation for the hearing aid effect.

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