Can the hearing aid not be seen?Is the hearing aid invisible?

The in-ear hearing aids are more compact in shape, and are specially made according to the shape of each person’s ear cavity or ear canal. They are placed directly in the ear cavity or ear canal, and do not require any wires or hoses, which is very concealed. However, the output power of the in-ear hearing aid is not very high, and it is only suitable for patients with mild, moderate, and moderate to severe sputum.

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The stealth machine is currently the smallest custom-made hearing aid. The hidden condition in the ear depends on the shape of the ear canal and the hearing loss. Because the ear canal is relatively narrow and the hearing is heavy, the receiver is bound to be large, and the appearance is not so ideal, so it is different from person to person. However, the stealth machine is definitely better than other shapes. It is recommended to go to the professional fitting center to test the hearing.

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