What should I do if the hearing aid battery leaks? Will it affect?

It is sure to have an impact, the battery leaks, and it will seriously corrode the hearing aid movement. Once the liquid is found to leak, quickly remove the battery and get the fitting mechanism as soon as possible. Do not put the scrapped battery in the hearing aid. If you don’t wear a hearing aid often, remove the battery, because it will corrode the contact point of the battery after a long time. The used battery should be stored separately from the unused battery to avoid confusion.


Leakage of the battery can damage the hearing aid. If the leak is found, remove the battery immediately and go to the fitting center for treatment. If the battery leaks into the hearing aid, it will corrode the line and the movement. Therefore, if you do not wear a hearing aid for a long time, be sure to remove the battery and place the hearing aid in a dry box. Regularly go to the inspection center for maintenance.

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