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It is common for the elderly to get older, and the ears are not good. The thoughtful children have equipped hearing aids for their parents. But many people don’t understand hearing aids, thenHearing aidWhat brand is best? How to choose a suitable hearing aid for the elderly?

What brand of hearing aid is best?


The main brands of hearing aids include Siemens, Resound, Starck, Aikesheng, Oticon, Ou Shida, Unicorn, Fengli, Weiyin, Lisheng and other top ten brands. In fact, it is hard to tell what brand of hearing aid is best. Basically, all brands of hearing aids are similar, as long as the products of the above mainstream brands are basically guaranteed in terms of quality and service.

Different brands also have different characteristics.

Siemens is mainly brand-name, of course, this benefit and the brand effect of other electrical products, the quality of Siemens hearing aids is also good, the sound is mainly based on the flood, the users wearing the analog machine will be more suitable for this sound.

Resound is a Danish product, and the sound quality is OK. The main reason is that the product sales channels are widely spread.

Starck is an American product, the most important feature is the high-power custom machine, and the first is also proposedIICInvisible hearing aid concept.

Love Acoustic is a Canadian product. The main technical features of the product are similar to those of Starck, which are small in size and high in power. Currently only loves sound and StarckCICCustomized machine products can be adapted to a wide range110db.

Various brands of productsHearing aidThey all have their own advantages and disadvantages and they are not listed one by one.

How do old people buy hearing aids?

1Buy a hearing aid under the guidance of a professional

The choice of hearing aids must not be taken lightly. Because there are many types of hearing aids, the hearing impaired must choose a suitable hearing aid through ear, hearing test and test under the guidance of a professional. Pay attention to the correct method of switching, volume control and battery replacement when using a hearing aid.

2Type of hearing aid

Hearing aids can be divided into different types according to their appearance.5Class: box, glasses, behind the ear, in-ear and bone conduction hearing aids. Among them, glasses-type, behind-the-ear type, and in-ear hearing aids are also called ear-level hearing aids, and ear-level hearing aids receive sound more closely than other types of hearing aids.

3, hearing aid selection

1) find out the history

It should be known how long the patient has had poor hearing, what tests and treatments have been done, whether the hearing aid has been worn, how it works, and so on.

2) check the ear

Care should be taken to check that the patient’s auricle appearance is normal;

Whether the external auditory canal is unobstructed, whether there is secretion, if it is, whether it is dry or wet; whether the tympanic membrane is intact, whether there is tympanic membrane invagination, middle ear effusion, perforation, inflammatory polyp and so on.

3Check the hearing and analyze the results. Select a hearing aid that matches the power and hearing curve for debugging. Use computer software, sound field long-term conversation map test results.

4Basic structure of hearing aids

1) microphone (microphone or microphone)

Receiving sound and converting it into a form of electric wave, that is, converting sound energy into electrical energy.


Amplifying electrical signals (transistor amplification lines)

3) headphones (receiver)

Convert an electrical signal into an acoustic signal (ie, convert electrical energy into acoustic energy).

4) ear mold (ear plug)

Place the external auditory canal.

5) volume control switch

Adjust the volume.

6)power supply

A dry battery for the amplifier.

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