Jinghao hearing aid experts say there are two reasons for hearing loss in the elderly. One is natural degradation, and the speed of degradation varies from person to person. The second is related to external factors, including environmental noise, ototoxic drugs, antibiotics, or other diseases (such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes), etc.

Jinghao hearing aid experts said that among the causes of senile hearing loss, age-related aging is not the main factor. Other unknown factors, such as heredity, diet, environmental factors, mental pressure, metabolic abnormalities, and some senile diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, are the causes and acceleration of senile deafness Important factors.

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1. There is no reason why the average hearing of both ears is not as good as that of one year. With the aggravation of symptoms, it will appear that when talking with strangers, you can only hear each other’s voice, but you can’t hear the content of each other’s speech clearly, which often leads to the phenomenon of “answer not what you ask”.

2. In face-to-face conversation, early patients often interrupt or ask each other to repeat This article comes from Zhimeng

3. When you make a phone call, you often ask the other party to increase the volume, and you can’t hear the voice clearly.

4. Whenever they speak, their voice will increase unconsciously This article comes from Zhimeng

5. It is often difficult to listen to the conversation between others even if they are close to each other. When talking, people need to repeat what they said.

6. It is often complained by family members that the TV is loud.

7. In addition, some early patients are easier to talk to men than women, while others are just the opposite.

8. Especially the high-frequency (high pitch) sound, such as the sub voice, bird call, etc. can not be heard.

9. Some patients have tinnitus. The quieter the environment, the heavier the tinnitus. In the later stage, they may have dizziness, uncoordinated fine movements, poor memory and lack of concentration.

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