The causes of children’s hearing loss can be divided into congenital and postnatal.

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Congenital hearing loss in children is mainly caused by diseases in the ear and adjacent organs, most of which are congenital hearing defects. Some of these children are caused by heredity, and the other part is caused by gene mutation.

There are many factors of acquired hearing loss. The most common one is the influence of trauma and noise.

Trauma mainly includes tympanic membrane perforation, otitis media, earache bleeding and other symptoms. Because some children are mischievous, their parents may beat their children in anger, and as a result, their tympanic membrane is damaged. At first, parents may not care. But as the extent of tympanic membrane damage gradually increased, children’s hearing was also slowly affected.

The noise damage to children’s hearing is increasing year by year. Because of the popularity of electronic products, young parents often give their children mobile phones and other items to play after the birth of their children. In most cases, the music is on a lot. But in fact, it can cause permanent harm to children. Children’s cognitive ability is insufficient, and they can’t make timely response to the external stimulus sound. Therefore, even if the sound is very loud, children don’t know how to refuse. Long time noise environment, people’s hearing will be greatly damaged, the most obvious symptom is tinnitus. Unfortunately, the child is unable to express his tinnitus symptoms to his parents. Gradually, parents may find that there is a problem in children’s speech. At this stage, children’s hearing problems are very serious. They must wear hearing aids to increase sound stimulation, because some of the children’s voices at this time are not heard. At the same time, we need to accept professional language training in order to gradually transition to normal life.

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