When many users know that they have hearing loss, they are either in a hurry or in a low mood, so they will continue to deteriorate. In fact, at this time, we should take the right measures to protect the residual hearing, so as to return to work and study.

Residual hearing is a precious and non renewable hearing resource for every hearing-impaired person, which is absolutely no less than the national positioning of oil and energy strategic materials, so protecting residual hearing should be the first priority for hearing-impaired people. So how can we protect the residual hearing? Now, Jinghao hearing will give you a detailed introduction:

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I. select appropriate hearing aids

The most effective way to protect the residual hearing is to select a suitable hearing aid for continuous stimulation of the residual auditory nerve, so as to prevent the damaged auditory nerve from further degradation due to the lack of sound, resulting in atrophy and apoptosis of nerve cells.

Listening in person is the only way to get your own hearing aid model, and there is no shortcut. Now the application of digital technology in hearing aids makes it possible for the hearing aids of the hard of hearing group to recover. Through continuous listening experience, there will be a model suitable for you in the middle and high-end models. Of course, the so-called “fit” is relative to every deaf person, because the current hearing aid technology can not help the deaf to reconstruct their hearing.

II. Hearing aids on both ears

Wearing hearing aids on both ears is also an effective shortcut to protect residual hearing. The wearing of both ears is not only the support premise of matching effect, but also the more important thing is to avoid hearing deprivation. The “use in, waste out” will make the non wearing ears completely lose hearing or speech recognition ability in a short period of time.

Jinghao hearing aids warm reminder: in addition, we need to pay attention to the health care of residual hearing, try to control and slow down the further development of deafness. We can also eat some lean meat, as well as foods and vegetables rich in vitamin B. Massage the acupoints in front of the ear screen every day is beneficial to the protection of the residual hearing. A hearing test should be done once every 3 or 6 months. It is better to have a hearing test in the same hospital and keep the results of each hearing test.

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