Wearing a hearing aid will not make the elderly deaf more serious

Senile hearing loss and ear disease have become the important factors affecting the quality of life of the elderly in later life..By means of a hearing aid,Senile deafness can be improved.But some older people are worried about wearing hearing aids for a long time.,Will it increase the deafness??People enter old age,Body muscles gradually decline,Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other common diseases in the elderly can cause degenerative changes in the systemic organs. The inside of the human ear is the most delicate biological organ in the world, and is most susceptible to these factors. Reasonable selection of hearing aids for elderly patients with deafness usually requires attention to the following two points:


1, senile, neurological, drug-induced, sudden, congenital and other deaf patients choose hearing aids must go through the hearing aid service center professionals to carefully examine, after audition to choose the hearing device suitable for their hearing, in order to play Protect residual hearing. The sooner you wear a hearing aid, the better the protection. The existing hearing enhances the auditory stimulation, reduces the pain and progression of deafness, tinnitus, delays the aging of the brain, and improves health.

2Some people don’t wear hearing aids. They complain that the hearing aids listen to themselves and then shake themselves, plug their ears, and resonate loudly without wearing them. This phenomenon is also called self-vibration. For patients with rejuvenation, an open hearing aid should be selected to solve the ear plugging effect.

Language is the reaction of thinking. It is the most important communication and thinking tool for human beings. Everyone expresses ideas through language, develops intelligence, exchanges feelings, and learns knowledge. Because of hearing impairment, deaf children make it difficult to master the spoken language. Because there is no voice language, they can’t learn knowledge in various ways, and it is difficult to communicate with healthy people. This has created a great development for the intellectual ability of deaf children. Big obstacles. Therefore, language learning and training is an important lesson in the rehabilitation process of deaf children. Speech training is actually the accumulation of vocabulary and the study of grammar rules for deaf children. Language training is divided into two parts: understanding speech and expressing speech.

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