In life, a lot of people like to pick up their ears when they are free. Pulling out the ear is the most common thing in life, but many people do. First of all, if you dig your ears at will, the bacteria will easily erode into the ear canal. For example, if you take a small matchstick or a hairpin, it’s very dirty. If you dig your ears with these things, it’s easy to damage the skin of the outer ear canal and bring the bacteria into the ear canal. Ear itching is something that everyone has encountered. In order to solve that kind of exciting itch, people are used to digging their ears with hairpins, matches, toothpicks, nails and so on, in order to have a good time.

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The cylindrical passage of the human ear from the external auditory meatus to the tympanic membrane is called the external auditory meatus. It is characterized by arched curvature and thin and tender skin. There are abundant hair follicles, cerumen glands and sebaceous glands in the skin of the outer half of the ear canal. The oily secretion of these glands, together with dandruff and dust, forms what we usually call “earwax”, which is called cerumen in medicine

Although the name of “earwax” doesn’t sound good, it actually has a certain protective effect on the ear. Because the secretion of the glands in the external auditory canal is generally weak acidic, tastes very bitter, and has certain volatility. This kind of smell is not liked by the insects, and is not suitable for the growth of bacteria. Therefore, “earwax” has the function of preventing the insects from flying in and protecting the skin of the ear canal. Therefore, do not dig frequently. In addition, the bottom of the external auditory canal is the tympanic membrane, which is a very delicate membrane. In case that the tympanic membrane is accidentally punctured when digging the ear, the light one may cause otitis media, and the heavy one may even cause deafness.

Generally, a small amount of cerumen will fall out with the vibration of human body, while a large amount of cerumen should be taken out by a specialist with a special tool, instead of being taken out randomly. If your ears are really itchy, you should go to the hospital and have them cleaned professionally.

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