Because hearing is affected by noise (85-90db) for a long time, slow progressive sensorineural deafness is called noise deafness.

The relevant data shows that teenagers with walkman for a long time are one of the people with noise deafness. Generally speaking, the normal listening sound of MP3 or CD earplugs is 87 dB. According to the United Nations, the maximum volume of any Walkman cannot exceed 100 dB. Obviously, even the iPod (the world’s largest music media producer) voice index violates this rule at 30 points (102 dB), let alone other brands?

Experiment: a company employee was invited to do a sound sensitivity test in the morning, and his hearing was normal. When the employee goes to work and leaves work (listening to MP3 during the work), after work, he often enjoys karaoke for a while, and then goes home for a test. His hearing is still within the normal range, but the original 10 dB sound can only be heard when it is turned to 20 dB. Obviously, the sensitivity has decreased. This is a temporary hearing loss. The capillary cells in the cochlea need 16 hours to repair. If the capillary cells are not given enough rest, it is possible for a long time to change from temporary hearing loss to permanent hearing loss.

Most of the hearing loss is gradually accumulated over time, so it may be difficult to detect. How can you know if your hearing has been affected? Here are some symptoms of hearing loss: it’s difficult to distinguish certain words or words, often ask others to repeat what they say, and can’t hear each other’s voice when talking on the phone. Other people in the room think that you watch TV or listen to the radio room’s voice is too loud, it’s difficult to distinguish the voice in noisy environment, and it’s like being covered when listening to the voice.

In fact, the hearing loss caused by work or entertainment in noisy environment can achieve 100% prevention effect. Here are some common tips to reduce the possible harm to hearing:

Limit the retention time in noisy environment;

When participating in activities with loud environment, it is necessary to wear acoustic earplugs or other hearing protection devices.

Be alert to the noise level of the surrounding environment.

Protect children from high-intensity noise because they don’t know how to protect themselves.

Determine and evaluate the hearing loss and recover as soon as possible.

It is not too early or too late to start hearing protection at any time.

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Link:The importance of prevention of noise deafness

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