When people’s hearing loss, they can’t hear the voice of the outside world or their own speech as normal people do. If they are deaf at birth (i.e. congenital deafness) or a small amount of language learned by children, then they will gradually forget the severe deafness caused by pollution disease or drug poisoning, which will lead to deaf mute. The deaf mute refers to the person who is born deaf or severely deaf in childhood and loses the ability to listen to and learn language, or who has initially learned language and lost the ability to speak again due to deafness, although his language organ and language center are intact

The deaf can’t speak. It’s not that the speech organ is sick, but that the hearing makes the deaf unable to hear the language, thus losing the chance to imitate and learn the language. Therefore, “deaf” first and “dumb” second, so there is “ten deaf nine dumb” saying. It can be seen that the damage of one organ, together with the function of another organ, makes the patient suffer from the double pain of deafness and hoarseness. Some people don’t understand this truth, and mistakenly think that the main reason for dumb is that the lingual frenum is too short and the tonsil is too large. Therefore, they need to cut the lingual frenum and remove the tonsil. Obviously, this is the main link to prevent deaf mute, such as prevention of deafness, maintenance of hearing, early treatment of deafness and prevention of dumb after deafness. To prevent deafness, it is necessary to understand the causes of deafness. Deafness is divided into congenital deafness and acquired deafness. Congenital deafness is familial, and the children born to the parents of near lineage marriage are prone to congenital deafness; the pregnancy women’s disease and drug poisoning can damage the fetal hearing organ, resulting in sensory nerve deafness. For example, quinine may cause fetal deafness during pregnancy. A few congenital deafness are caused by malformations of the external and middle ear, and most of them are conductive or mixed deafness. Postnatal deafness is mainly caused by pollution disease and drug poisoning. Accidents in the period of birth can also cause deafness, such as premature delivery, emergency delivery, dystocia and shock. Chronic catarrhal otitis media, chronic suppurative otitis media, and otosclerosis often cause conductive deafness; some systemic diseases (such as hypothyroidism) can also cause deafness. Nowadays, our country must pay attention to the fact that there is no ancients before syphilitic deafness. Syphilis can cause sensorineural deafness if it invades the inner ear. When the mother is pregnant, syphilis is passed to the fetus, which is called congenital syphilis. The fetus of congenital syphilis will become deaf mute after birth. The late congenital syphilis is more common in teenagers. Its main pathological changes are labyrinthine neuritis, gummatous labyrinthine periostitis and osteomyelitis. Generally, it invades both inner ears. The children have not only hearing impairment, but also vestibular dysfunction.

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