Hearing aids, as a cost-effective hearing compensation electronic equipment, are gradually entering the life of deaf patients. At the same time of bringing convenience to the patients with hearing loss, it has also been questioned. So, what factors affect the matching effect of hearing aids?


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1. Degree and nature of hearing loss: generally, people with mild and moderate hearing loss can use hearing aids when talking at close range, and the compensation effect is very effective; people with moderate hearing loss can hear clearly and loudly, but they have poor hearing under noise environment, so the effect of wearing hearing aids is better; the effect of wearing hearing aids for patients with severe hearing loss varies from person to person; people with extremely severe hearing loss wear hearing aids The effect is generally poor. The hearing curve is relatively flat, slowly rising or falling, and the wearing effect is good; while the high-frequency steep drop type, irregular type, rare low-frequency steep drop type generally has poor effect. The hair cells of patients with conductive deafness are not damaged, but the dynamic range of hearing is moved up, so the compensation effect of hearing aids is very good; while that of patients with sensorineural deafness, due to cochlear or retrocochlear lesions, leads to sensorineural disorders, residual hearing loss, and the effect may not be good; the matching effect of mixed deafness is between the above two; there is almost no hearing aids for patients with central and non organic hearing loss Effectiveness.

Second, speech discrimination: the longer the hearing-impaired patients lose time, the lower the speech recognition rate, and the lower the listening effect. Thus, the lower the help of hearing aids, the worse the listening effect. ≥ 90%, good effect; 70-90%, substantial improvement; 50-70%, slight improvement; less than or equal to 50%, unsatisfactory effect.

3. Whether to match the two ears: most of the patients with hearing impairment have two ears hearing loss. Binaural listening has many advantages over single ear, such as binaural sound source localization, binaural loudness superposition, binaural noise reduction, binaural avoidance of hearing deprivation.

4. The needs of different listening environments: when hearing aids are used by deaf patients, the listening effects are different in different environments. Usually in quiet environment listening effect is better than in noisy environment, speech recognition rate will be much higher. The effect of single ear listening in quiet environment is similar to that of two ears, but the effect of listening in noisy environment is very poor.

5. Hearing impairment patients’ understanding of hearing aids: hearing impairment is a kind of recessive obstacle, which is hard to be found if they don’t communicate. Most people think that wearing hearing aids is equivalent to making their obstacle defects public and affecting their own image. Others will look at themselves with different eyes. Therefore, some patients prefer to affect their social ability rather than use hearing aids that can help them. In the long run, they tend to have less and less communication, which will affect their understanding of language and cause serious communication obstacles and psychological problems.

Vi. high expectation of hearing impaired patients: some hearing impaired patients have high expectation of hearing aid wearing effect, or put forward unreasonable requirements out of the actual situation of their own hearing level. In essence, hearing aid is only an electronic device, no matter how high-end hearing aid can not replace its own ear function. Objectively explaining the benefits and limitations of hearing aids to the deaf is helpful to guide the deaf to establish reasonable expectations.

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