FitHearing aidThe more expensive the betterOld hearing aid fitting strategy

The number of hair cells that feel the sound on the cochlea is fixed at the time of birth, and one less damage is irreversible. In our whole life, from infants to the elderly, the hair cells that feel the sound may be damaged and dying for different reasons, causing hearing loss, serious and even deafness. What are the reasons for “stealing” your hearing??What misunderstandings in daily life may cause irreversible hearing impairment?


The more expensive the hearing aid is, the better? The best is the best

Misunderstanding 1: Hearing impairment is the patent of the elderly

In many people’s minds, hearing loss and deafness are diseases that the elderly will get. “In fact, it is a misunderstanding.” Hearing experts said that hearing disability is not a patent for the elderly. Some researchers have observed that the eighty and ninety-year-olds in the African jungle are still very good in hearing. Why??The reason is that he is rarely polluted by noise during his lifetime.

Clinically, in addition to senile deafness, sudden deafness is also increasing in young and middle-aged. especially40The elite in the early years, long-term stress, poor sleep, nervousness, and overwork are common causes. Among young people, the noise-induced hearing loss caused by long-term loud listening to headphones is also becoming more common. Even in childhood, common diseases such as secretory otitis media and adenoid hypertrophy can cause hearing loss in children. Clinically, some lactating babies are prone to otitis media. Doctors have found that the mother takes a supine position when breastfeeding the baby. When the child eats too much and is too eager, the milk may enter the middle ear and cause inflammation. . Proliferative body of the child’s nasopharynx(Adenoid)Due to the inflammatory enlargement, the eustachian tube that is open to the vicinity is also prone to infection, swelling and blockage, leading to otitis media.

Myth 2: It doesn’t matter if the old man is cured

Around us, it is not uncommon for older people to experience hearing loss or even obvious deafness. Many people think that this is because of their age, physical aging is reflected in the normal performance of hearing, and can not be recovered, so it does not matter whether treatment is not treated.

Aging is a natural law that has not been reversed so far. Hearing treasure experts say that people are45Hearing loss may occur after age, and the degree of hearing loss may continue to decline with age. This process is generally silent and progressive, and short-term may not affect communication with others, so it is difficult to be vigilant. He reminded that even if diagnosed as senile deafness, you can take nutrition nerves and improve circulation and other drugs, delay the process of hearing aging, and try to avoid contact with noise, do not use ototoxic drugs, do not eat foods that cause blood lipids and blood sugar, etc. .

“配Hearing aidNot the more expensive the better. Hearing experts say that the price of hearing aids ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, but it is not necessarily expensive, but comfort and clarity should be considered. In addition, hearing aids are generally worn on the side with poor hearing. is having a3To5For the adaptation process of the month, the volume of the adaptation period should be adjusted to a small point, and the time of wearing it should not be too long. and,Hearing aidLike glasses, you should also pay attention to protection. Do not drop or enter the water, so as not to affect the function.

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