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The role of hearing aids is to make the most of the residual hearing of the elderly to help them return to the world of sound. Wearing a hearing aid is beneficial to improve the quality of life in elderly patients with senile ear loss. As an audiologist, hearing aids have an obligation to help the elderly to correctly understand the hearing aid fitting and get out of the misunderstanding:

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1.Wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing loss in the elderly. Wearing a hearing aid is like wearing glasses, and only hearing aids that are suitable for your own hearing will help you. Unsuitable wear can only be harmful. If the hearing aid is too loud, it will not be inaudible, and it will damage the residual hearing and make the hearing loss worse. As long as the hearing aid fitting is appropriate, it will not cause the hearing to continue to decline. Unless it is a degenerative change in natural aging and a hearing loss caused by disease.

2.There are many people who think that their hearing is OK and they are not willing to accept the help of hearing aids. In fact, this is not right. Hearing aids are generally required for hearing loss below 40dB. Hearing aids can help delay hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability. Scientific proof: ear damage is extremely detrimental to the physical and mental health of the elderly, and it is easy to lead to solitude, eccentricity and early entry into senile dementia. Wearing hearing aids for patients with extremely severe injuries, although not able to make them clear, can enhance the sense of sound, help to understand the meaning of other people’s language, and to some extent protect the auditory function.

3.Hearing aids are not a simple product, they cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be worn after a strict fitting. Before fitting a hearing aid, a thorough examination by a professional doctor or a fitter is required, and a suitable hearing aid is selected according to the degree of hearing loss of the person. Hearing aid fitting is not a once-in-a-lifetime procedure and requires the fitter to perform frequent adjustments based on the patient’s hearing. Helping the elderly to understand the relevant knowledge of hearing aids is also beneficial to the elderly’s choice of hearing aids, without causing blind purchase or placement.

4.Patients with 70% single ear wear hearing aids are not satisfied with the later results, especially in environments with high ambient noise or noisy people. Many experts and experiments have proven that binaural hearing aids have many benefits, such as improved hearing balance and positioning, increased gain and signal-to-noise ratio, improved speech recognition rate, and more. The hearing aids for both ears are also more directional than the single ear, which can increase the stereoscopic effect of the sound, making the sound clear and full.

5.The sound of digital hearing aids is not only clear, but also protects the patient’s residual hearing. The digital hearing aids basically use wide dynamic compression amplification lines, which can improve the dynamic range of patients with sensorineural impairment and ensure that hearing aids can Suitable for a variety of acoustic environments.

6.As the name suggests, a hearing aid is a hearing aid. It is a machine. No matter how good it is, it can’t replace a pair of good ears. Therefore, there is a reasonable expectation for hearing aids. When wearing a hearing aid, especially those that have never been matched before, there is an adaptation period. After the adaptation period with normal heart attitude, the benefits of the hearing aid become more and more obvious.

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of the economy, it is a trend to help the elderly to improve the quality of life in the elderly. For people with senile ear damageWearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing loss in the elderly.

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