In most people’s opinion, hearing loss is not paid much attention to. I thought so before I was engaged in the work of hearing aid fitting, but this kind of idea is wrong. Let’s talk about the harm of not wearing hearing aid

Old people do not wear hearing aids to prevent dementia. Due to the decline of the physiological function of the elderly, the function of the hearing system is also weakening. Some of the old people become withdrawn from the outside world due to / hearing loss, even Alzheimer’s disease, which seriously affects the quality of life of the old people. Therefore, the elderly should wear hearing aids as early as possible, which can not only reduce the degree of hearing loss, maintain normal hearing activities, but also avoid the impact of the elderly life in old age.

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Deaf mute people do not wear hearing aids to affect their language ability. Deaf children and adults need to wear hearing aids in time. For deaf children, early intervention should be done, that is, early diagnosis and detection, early wearing of hearing aids and early hearing language training, which can make children recover hearing and improve language ability.

Some deaf people think that hearing aids are not needed for unilateral deafness, which is a very wrong understanding. Because unilateral deafness will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to life, but also lose the hearing of the other ear. Hearing activities in one ear will consume more energy, which will make the ear in overload working state for a long time, and the hearing will be damaged after a long time.

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People with hearing loss must pay attention to it. Don’t want to intervene until their lives are affected. Even if they are equipped with hearing aids, the effect will not be very good.

There was a female patient in her 50s who had been deaf for many years. A month ago, she wanted to be equipped with a hearing aid, so there was no response at 120 decibels in the hearing test. She was totally deaf. A few days ago, I saw a high-power hearing aid on the Internet. Her husband brought her to ask if it would work for me. The patient was eager to hear the voice. I asked him why he didn’t wear a hearing aid when he found it. At that time, the patient was too ugly to wear it. He didn’t think it was very heavy, so he was delayed all the time.

With the growth of age, old friends usually suffer from hearing loss. In fact, the formation of old deafness is a manifestation of natural law in the development of human body. We should face it with a correct attitude and adopt a normal way to choose solutions. Senile deafness belongs to sensorineural deafness, which can not be treated by drugs. The only correct solution is to wear hearing aids. Therefore, the elderly should not blindly believe in folk folk remedies or false advertisements on newspaper websites. Don’t miss the best time to wear a hearing aid. Don’t buy the < a href = "" target = "blank" > hearing aid < / a > through online shopping, because hearing aid is not a common product, it needs to go through professional selection to really help your listening.

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If the hearing of the elderly exceeds 40 decibels, they can consider wearing hearing aids. Do not wait for complete loss of hearing to consider wearing hearing aids.

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