Many people think that with the passage of time, the degree of wearing glasses is getting higher and higher, and the eyesight is getting worse and worse, so it is inferred that the hearing will get worse and worse after wearing hearing aids.

Think about it. If you need glasses and don’t wear them, will your vision improve, remain unchanged or continue to decline?

Presbyopia without glasses, with the growth of age, “presbyopia” will also become more and more heavy. This is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision function. If college students are nearsighted without glasses, the degree of nearsightedness will increase, and even more. This is because they need vision more than ordinary people. Without the help of glasses, it can only lead to over fatigue of vision and accelerate the process of distorted light.

So is hearing. The need for hearing aids will only aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate the process of hearing degradation. On the contrary, wearing appropriate hearing aids will not lead to worse and worse hearing.

The hearing loss of both ears is almost the same. For various reasons, many old people only use single ear hearing aids, and most of them only wear one ear. Research shows that in the long run, there will be a gap in the hearing status of both ears: the resolution of one ear wearing hearing aids is significantly better than that of the other. This can be explained simply by the principle of “use in, waste out”. One side of the ear with the hearing aid is used more, listens well, and functions well; while the other side without the hearing aid is degraded quickly due to less use and poor hearing. In real life, the elderly deaf people who do not use hearing aids always try to avoid dealing with others and do not participate in social activities as much as possible – they are afraid that they will not understand or cause trouble to others. Because of this, their auditory function degenerates faster. In this sense, hearing aids do not increase the original deafness, but help to delay the process of hearing degradation.

There is an exception – deaf people wear hearing aids that are not suitable for them. 300 degree myopia wearing 800 degree myopia is obviously harmful and useless. So do hearing aids. Therefore, hearing aids also need to be matched, which is more complicated and more detailed than glasses. To be exact, wearing a proper and qualified hearing aid that has been accurately matched will not aggravate the degree of deafness, and will help slow down the process of deafness.

Advice: in order to ensure that you wear appropriate hearing aids, don’t “buy” them in the store rashly, and don’t think that you won’t make any mistakes in the future if your audition effect is good now. Be sure to go to a qualified professional shop for “matching”.

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