On the wine table, some people are greedy for too much drink, talking to others, and persuasion is useless. On the one hand, the nervous system has been paralyzed by alcohol, and their actions are not controlled by the central nervous system. On the other hand, the alcoholics may suffer from hearing loss and lack of perception of the surrounding sound. What’s the reason?

Drinking too much will lead to hearing loss, what are the reasons?

First of all, long-term drinking will cause malnutrition and multi vitamin deficiency in the body. The alcohol in the wine has the function of constricting blood vessels. Generally, after drinking the white wine for 5 minutes, the alcohol will enter the blood, and then enter the whole body through the blood. Human tissues and organs and various systems will be poisoned by alcohol, and at the same time, there will be systemic microcirculation disorders, including cerebral vessels And affect the microcirculation of the inner ear cochlea, many people suffering from sudden deafness and tinnitus have a direct relationship with a lot of drinking.

Secondly, excessive drinking can increase blood pressure, vasospasm, even embolism or rupture of blood vessels. If this happens in the inner ear, it will inevitably affect hearing. In addition, excessive alcohol intake by alcoholics may damage the auditory nerve or affect the sound processing program of the brain, which may also cause the decrease of hearing acuity.

Keep healthy living habits to prevent hearing loss

In this regard, experts in otolaryngology remind comrades who like to drink alcohol, to drink alcohol in moderation, to drink a little to enjoy their feelings, and to drink alcohol is harmful to their health. Never ignore the symptoms of hearing loss such as tinnitus, vertigo and temporary deafness after drinking, which will lead to severe deafness and complete hearing loss in the long run. We should go to a professional otolaryngology hospital in time to check and confirm the diagnosis, do a good job of prevention and treatment under the guidance of Otolaryngology professional doctors, regularly supplement vitamin B, vitamin C and other nutrients, and enhance the immune mechanism of the body. Comrades who have tinnitus and hearing loss should give up smoking and drinking, especially in the treatment of patients smoking and drinking will affect the effect or even aggravate the condition.

For patients with hearing loss, prevention and health care should also be actively carried out in life. Keep optimistic, healthy, not impatient, and develop good eating habits. Adjust the diet structure, eat more healthy food rich in zinc, iron and calcium, avoid long-term consumption of high salt, high fat and low fiber food, avoid overeating, and abstain from tobacco and alcohol. Carefully use or prohibit the drugs that damage the auditory nerve; keep away from the source of noise in daily life, and try to reduce the noise stimulation if there is no way to avoid it.

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