Generally speaking, wearing hearing aids will not cause ear inflammation, but when the patient is in a cold or poor body resistance and other non-health state, due to wearing hearing aids, the inner environment of the ear canal has changed, sometimes causing ear inflammation. At this time, we do not need to worry, we should take off the hearing aids, and continue to use after the inflammation is completely cured; very few users are sensitive to the ear canal skin If you are allergic to hearing aid materials, you can apply the manufacturer to apply a layer of antibacterial materials on the shell and reduce the wearing time properly.

If the patient has otitis media, it is recommended to select ear back hearing aids as much as possible. When otitis media is in inflammation, try not to wear hearing aids, so as not to aggravate the inflammation or pus and water will also cause damage to hearing aids. Wear hearing aids after inflammation subsides.

If you wear the customized machine, you should pay attention to whether the machine shell is suitable. If the shell is not suitable, it may cause the ear canal wall to wear and tear, resulting in ear canal inflammation.

Usually wear hearing aids. Pay attention to keep the ear canal clean. Clean the ear canal with a cotton stick every morning and then wear hearing aids. The hearing aids should be cleaned regularly.

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