Now the incidence of deafness is higher and higher. We often encounter all kinds of deafness patients. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the prevalence of deafness has increased, especially sudden deafness. Due to the improvement of living standards, people’s leisure and entertainment life is becoming more and more rich. Entertainment places like KTV and Diba are popular with the public, but such noise environment can easily lead to sudden deafness.

Four causes of sudden deafness

I. angiopathy

Vascular disease is an important factor leading to sudden deafness. Because of the induced factors such as cold, heat, fatigue, mental excitement, allergy and endocrine disorders, the autonomic nerve function of human is disordered, resulting in the blood circulation disorder of inner ear. Its pathological changes can be vasospasm, edema, hemorrhage, thrombosis and blood cell adhesion, etc., which leads to blood stasis, insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, tissue edema and hypoxia, and then metabolic disorder, and finally damage to the peripheral receptors of the inner ear, resulting in deafness.

Virus infection

Viral infection is the most common cause of sudden deafness. The main routes of viral infection are as follows:

1. Hematogenous infection: virus particles enter the inner ear blood circulation directly from the blood circulation, causing cochlear circulation disorder or endolymphatic labyrinthitis.

2. Via meningeal route: the virus is caused by the invasion of the subarachnoid space through the ethmoidal plate at the bottom of the inner auditory canal or the cochlear tubules into the outer lymphatic space, so the symptoms of the cochlea appear after meningitis. Herpes zoster virus is the main cause of labyrinthitis.

3. Round window approach: the infection of non suppurative otitis media caused by virus can invade inner ear through round window.

III. membranous labyrinthine hydrops

Some mild and moderate sudden deafness, whether vertigo or not, may be different types of Meniere’s disease. Sudden deafness may also be the first symptom of Meniere’s disease. 5% – 6.6% of the patients developed Meniere’s disease and 27% (3 / 11) of the patients were positive in furosemide test.

IV. rupture of road membrane

The rupture of labyrinthine membrane refers to the rupture of round window or oval window membrane of inner ear combined with the rupture of cochlear canal membrane. Because of the rupture of membrane, it causes sudden sensorineural deafness, vertigo and tinnitus. Sudden deafness is caused by sudden forced activities or sudden changes of middle ear pressure and cranial pressure.

The causes of sudden deafness are mainly described above. We know that these are the main causes of sudden deafness, so we must pay attention to protect our ears from some harm in our daily life, so as not to affect our life, work or study.

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