How does ear long chilblain do?

Frostbite is due to the damage of capillaries after human body is frozen, and some people’s blood and Qi are not strong, anemia and other reasons, capillaries can not be repaired in time, resulting in blood stasis, so it is swollen and itchy. In cold weather, exposed parts of the body, such as hands, feet, ears, etc., are prone to frostbite. So, what should be done after frostbite grows on the ear?

Improper operation after frostbite on ears

1. Some people directly soak the frostbitten part in hot water, which will be more serious. Get frostbite, pay attention to the local frostbite of the first aid essentials should be to wait for the frostbite to ease, point by point, slowly with the same temperature of warm water to soak the affected part to make it warm.

2. There are not a few cases of ear frostbite in winter, but most people use towel to heat up when dealing with ear frostbite, which is not advisable. In particular, some people have just returned to the warm room from the outside cold environment, and immediately put a hot towel on their ears as soon as they enter the room, which is very easy to cause ear vasospasm, and even cause local necrosis.

On the treatment of frostbite

Treatment of chilblain with aeolian oil essence: wash the affected area, apply a small amount of Aeolian oil essence on the affected area, and then gently rub it with your hand until the local fever occurs, 3 times a day for 3 consecutive weeks. This method is only applicable to the early stage of chilblain. Note: local red, swollen and hard pain, but frostbite can not be used.

In fact, the best way to cure frostbite is to repair the capillaries and get through the blood stasis. The other way is to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Only when the capillaries are repaired, the blood stasis will get through, and the swelling will start to disappear without itching, so the frostbite can be cured. Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to improve the blood circulation of the skin, repair the injured skin vascular tissue, stimulate cell vitality, and effectively solve the itching, swelling and pain of the skin.

Prevention of frostbite in ears

1. Wear warm clothes for children in cold seasons. Wear earmuffs or scarves when going out to keep the auricles warm.

2. Pay attention to exercise at ordinary times, enhance physical fitness, and improve the body’s tolerance to cold.

3. When the auricle feels cold, it should be gently rubbed to increase local blood circulation, but pay attention not to use too much or too much force to avoid scratching the skin.

4. In the early stage of chilblain, local hot compress can be applied after easing. In case of severe swelling or blister in local area, Chilblain Cream can be applied.

5. When there is exudation in severe frostbite, antibiotic ointment shall be used

6. If necessary, antibiotics should be applied throughout the body to prevent secondary infection of the injured tissue.

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