Many elderly people are worried that they will not be able to “remove” the hearing aid after wearing it, and they are afraid of “dependence” on the hearing aid. They think that they will not be able to remove the hearing aid as long as they wear it, and their hearing loss will be faster, so they refuse to wear the hearing aid. It should be admitted that some users can no longer do without hearing aids once they have them, but this is not a bad thing.

Some hearing aid users who don’t have serious hearing loss only use hearing aids in necessary or important occasions (such as meeting guests or hosting some meetings), not “can’t take them off”. Only those hearing-impaired patients who have obtained great benefits from wearing hearing aids can not do without hearing aids. “Cannot be separated” and “cannot be removed” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing.

Some users will ask if hearing can be restored by wearing hearing aids?

It has been shown that early wearing of hearing aids can protect the speech recognition function of central nervous system. Although wearing hearing aids can not restore the lost hearing, it can protect the hearing that has not been lost. It can be understood as “no use, no return” in biology. If you can’t hear it all the time, or if you can’t hear it clearly, the original weak hearing may gradually become worse. However, people’s life-long hearing is fading, but people with their own hearing impairment will lose more quickly and seriously if they don’t pay attention.

Many hearing impaired people’s real feelings, loss of more is the ability to distinguish the language. With the long time of hearing loss, the ability to distinguish language will also decline. I.e. can hear, but can’t hear clearly. I have a voice, but I don’t understand. The obvious example is: watching TV and movies can hear sound, but without subtitles, it is difficult to distinguish language. Wearing hearing aids will not lead to hearing loss or recovery of lost hearing. Normal wearing of hearing aids can delay hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability.

Hearing aids are assistive. They can’t do as well as human ears. Although the hearing can not be completely restored, it can protect the existing hearing and slow down the speed of hearing fading. Therefore, it is recommended that hearing impaired people, especially the elderly, have hearing loss. They should go to a professional fitting center as soon as possible to check and match the hearing aids. The earlier they wear the hearing protection, the better.

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