Jinghao hearing aid expert said: “have you found that your carelessness and bad living habits are seriously harming the health of your ears? Before you move on, please listen to the complaints from your ears first!”

I’m afraid of your carelessness

The normal ears have two sides, can feel the sound stimulation at the same time, the volume is clear and has three-dimensional sense. It is also because the two sides of the ear can feel hearing, some people in the early stage of hearing loss on one side tend to ignore, until the two sides of hearing loss, and even affect the speech communication when it comes to attention. When some patients came to the hospital for physical examination, they found that one side of the ear had been deaf for many years.

In fact, in our daily life, many details may indicate that there is something wrong with our ears.

After hearing loss, children may not be able to find or communicate with their parents in time. Therefore, if parents find that their children always use one ear when they answer the phone, they always like to turn their voice to a large volume when they watch TV. When other people are talking, they should listen to them with one ear, stare at them with big eyes, or stare at the speaker’s mouth shape. They should pay attention to the hearing examination in professional institutions.

Many young and middle-aged people are deaf, accompanied and covered by tinnitus, vertigo and other symptoms. In the occurrence of tinnitus, vertigo, often think that their own fire, kidney loss, so that missed the best diagnosis and treatment period, leaving a lifelong regret.

The voice of the old people becomes louder and repeat words such as “what do you say”, “louder”, “can’t hear clearly, say it again”, etc. There are also some old people who become withdrawn and unwilling to communicate with others, which may be caused by hearing loss or even deafness. It can be seen that deafness not only affects physiological function, but also mental health.

I’m scared

Many people like to dig their ears. Some family members even have the habit and hobby of digging each other’s ears. In fact, ears are not suitable for digging frequently. Pulling out the ear is not only harmful to the health of the ear, but also harmful.

Some people use matches, keys or unsterilized ear scoops to pull out their ears, which may not only cause skin infection of the external auditory canal, but also contact with viruses and infect papilloma of the external auditory canal. For the elderly and diabetic patients, necrotizing otitis externa may be fatal. If there is water in the ear when swimming or bathing, which causes the earwax to expand in the ear, and the ear is deaf or stuffy, you can go to the hospital for examination, and the doctor can remove the earwax with an aspirator.

I’m afraid of foreign bodies in my ears

I don’t like Walkman earphones, all kinds of stereo earphones, and all kinds of earphones. For the ear, these are all intraocular foreign bodies. The “wonderful noise” produced by them is a hidden danger of deafness. Some children wear earphones to play games all night, the harm can not be underestimated.

I’m afraid of inappropriate hearing aids

Hearing aid experts said that, just as myopia and hyperopia need optometry, hearing aids for deaf patients also need scientific matching. However, many people mistakenly think that the hearing aid can be used just by buying one. In addition, they don’t know the professional knowledge, use it improperly, and expect too much, which leads to expensive price, but fail to achieve the expected effect, and even cause disputes.

Generally speaking, patients need to carry out professional debugging and maintenance under the guidance of a professional hearing aid examiner and doctor in order to play the effect of hearing compensation. In addition, whether it is for the deaf children, or the deaf teenagers and the elderly, the nature of hearing aids is only an auxiliary tool, should not have too high psychological expectations.

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